About the Movie Suspicion (1941)

The title of this movie is Suspicion. The theme of the film is the power of doubt. The heroine reasoned her way to the truth and was unable to sleep day and night, suspecting that the milk served by her husband was poison, and suspecting that her husband was trying to kill her because he is asking about the latest composition of poison. It is not difficult to find out, from the point of view of the story is about a not sophisticated woman and a man who is a flirt and lazy to start a family. The man stated gamble, screwed up his job and was sued. The company he tried hard to establish fell apart. It’s not necessarily outrageous, but there is no way to capture the audience’s attention by shooting from this angle. The woman, on the other hand, is an image of a growing up in a wealthy family and has no resistance to flirtatious men. She is suspicious of her husband from the beginning and prevents him from tearing off clothes the first time they meet. She doesn’t want this relationship developed too quickly, and later fell hopelessly in love with the man. Thus, she runs away with the man.

When she left the house, she covered her chest and swallowed her confession. This planted the seeds of doubt.

Imagine, if you give everything you have for something, and this party you work with is not as dedicated as you think, then you will naturally resent and doubt him as you have nothing. Whether this is objectively true or not. So, any small details have become a tool of fantasy, and Hitchcock uses this point to bring us into the heroine’s mind. When we see the wheel marks, we will think the husband must have murdered the partner. When we see the law firm to reply to the letter “you cannot use the insurance money to loan, only when the wife died you can get the insurance money. ” and we do remember the words “wife died”. But on the other hand, why can’t the husband hide the purpose of this letter in order not to let the wife know that he took out the loan so that she is worried?

A lonely person is most likely to get caught up in his own thinking. Giving oneself over to marriage is an even greater risk. Not being able to do complete trust and still remember his past flings, then suspicion is inevitable.

What deceives us is not the film director’s technique, but our own mistrust of such a leading man’s image. In reality, there are many similar situations. We will definitely stay away from people who look aggressive, and we will definitely focus on the negative aspects of people we dislike.

I remember when I was at A-level, there was a chemistry test that the teacher gave us to take home to do. I didn’t even think about it and just copied the answers directly from the internet word for word. Afterwards, I thought it was wrong, and if I was found out, I might be suspended from school, because it is the British education system and the relative penalty is more strict. I didn’t sleep well at night, and the next day I had dark circled eyes, and when I saw the angry teacher, my legs started to shake. The teacher didn’t mention the quiz for the whole class, but every time I saw her, I felt she was reserving the penalty for me. The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t focus on study. I was ready to go to her after class to turn myself in, but when I went once, she wasn’t in her office. The second time I went there before I could say anything, she gave me the paper to hand out and said she had finished correcting it. If I had spoken first, I would have been honest about it and waited for the suspension.

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But she didn’t find out. Instead, I spent two days full of thrilling suspense.

The film Suspicion is also somehow similar to my experience, where things that didn’t happen became horrible because of my own mistrust and fantasy, and infinitely expanded beyond comprehension. The heroine keeps thinking about her husband’s possible behaviour and unconsciously writes the word “Murder” in Scrabble. And her fantasy deepens after her father’s death with the unbelievable husband, the dead father, the mother who lives alone and her own soul, which is in a constant state of distraction. Trapped in this loop of thought, natural life becomes a self-directed suspense drama that never finds the truth.

In the end, it is not the world that deceives us, but our blind faith in our own perceptions. The truth has always been there, but it’s just so mundane that we don’t want to believe it.

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